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Read on to see our checklist below.
The following checklist will help you onboard and support your new employee. Each step is designed to reduce anxiety and build psychological safety for neurodivergent people. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the steps.
Complete our inclusion training prior to their start date. We offer live webinars and self-paced training to conveniently fit your schedule.
Organise IT hardware, email and system access prior to the start date. If the new employee is working remotely please allow plenty of time for courier delivery.
A few days prior to the start date provide the new employee via email explicit details about their first day and an arrival time and instructions if they are coming to an office. It is also helpful to provide a schedule for their first week with planned meetings, training and tasks to reduce anxiety and help them mentally prepare.
An onboarding report will be provided to the manager before the start date, please review this document as it will assist with transition to a new role and provide recommendations. If you have questions please contact the job coach prior to the start date to discuss.
Provide a detailed organisation chart with photographs. Introduce the direct manager and assign a buddy to support the new employee throughout the onboarding process. Ensure the new employee understands who the key contacts.
Orientate the new employee to their employee responsibilities including filling in timesheets, communication when sick and applying for leave. Ensure the individual has access to all organisational policies.

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