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Coaching Packages

Xceptional provides support packages to ensure organisations can harness the neurodivergent and ensure neurodivergent individuals, managers and co-workers thrive.

Ongoing coaching is provided by our experienced job coaches, who have extensive experience working and supporting managers and their neurodivergent employees.

For employers who need support for neurodivergent staff Xceptional offers a comprehensive support package.

Service includes:



“The coaching sessions are providing me with valuable communication support, and offer a balanced perspective in relation to the challenges and opportunities arising from different styles and preferences.”

Resources Sector


“I have always had great support from the staff at Xceptional, they really understand my needs and work with me to help resolve any issues that come up. I cannot speak highly enough of them.”

NSW Public Sector Agency

Man with a laptop against a black background

Xceptional helped me better understand neurodiversity which allows me to have much more confident conversations with others and helping them understand the great positive impact we can have when we deliver services to our customers.

NSW Department of Customer Service