Skills shortage? Not at Xceptional.

Recognising talent, realising potential

We understand the true value of neurodivergent people and the Xceptional qualities they can bring to your business. Neurodivergence refers to naturally occuring neurological variations in the human brain and includes conditions such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

Growing Staff In Growth Industries

While traditional recruitment often overlooks the natural talents of neurodivergent jobseekers, Xceptional’s unique assessment tools identify their key strengths, skills and potential.

These core skills or ‘pillars’ — which range from problem solving to attention to detail — have been identified as critical in the technology and business sectors.

Create a More Accessible Workplace

The positive impact of hiring a neurodivergent candidate reaches further than just one role. Xceptional consistently receives feedback from hiring managers who report increased productivity and staff retention, a wider diversity of thought, and a more inclusive workplace.

Get Set for Success

Xceptional offers structured job coaching for both managers and new hires. Our support and mentoring ensures a successful working relationship and meaningful growth for both parties.

Our Process

Identify Skill Gaps

Build awareness of neurodiversity

Modify recruitment process

Hire and develop neurodivergent talent


“Working with Xceptional has been game-changing. We’ve been able to expand our mission and work even further, while becoming a more inclusive organisation.”

Generation Australia

“It helped us to find a pool of untapped talent and challenged our assumptions about what it takes to be a great developer”

WiseTech Global

“Xceptional have been incredibly supportive in assisting us in finding exceptional talent in the tech space . The candidates they represent are high performing and extremely professional and we are very grateful for their partnership”

NSW Department of Customer Service