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Applied Cryptography and Information Security Scholarship


The Institute of Applied Technology Digital (IAT-D), Macquarie University, Microsoft and University of Technology Sydney are offering Neurodiverse people the opportunity to develop in demand Cyber skills and future proof their careers via fully subsidised Microcredentials. This initiative is funded by the Federal Government under the Commonwealth Cyber Security Skills Partnership Innovation Fund.

The 8-week scholarship program in Applied Cryptography and Information Security, set to commence on 28th May, will constitute a cohort exclusively comprising neurodivergent individuals.

This scholarship program will provide you with a foundation of the primitive building blocks of cryptography, utilising cryptography in securing data at rest and in motion, explain secure and insecure protocols found in networks.

Through a combination of expert-led instruction, hands-on labs, and real-world case studies, learners will learn how cryptography is used to protect intellectual property (IP) in software development, and the role of hardware in cryptographic operations.

Learning Objectives

Applied Cryptography and Information Security

  • Describe foundational cryptographic building blocks and apply cryptographic functions to provide file security at rest and in transit.
  • Examine how cryptographic techniques are used to control digital rights of shared content and can hinder bad actors from reverse engineering secure programs.
  • Describe how hardware modules can augment cryptographic operations, and how cryptography is leveraged in hardware-focused environments.
  • Outline the basic construction of Blockchains and describe downstream applications of blockchains including distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, access control and in voting systems.

For further information, see Applied Cryptography and Information Security course information on IAT-D webpage. For fully-paid Scholarship please use the link on this page to register.

Coaching Support and Soft Skills Training provided by Xceptional

  • Coaching to support individuals develop self-sufficiency and confidence, enabling participants to recognise when accommodations may be necessary and empowering them to request and utilise them effectively.
  • Soft-skills training in topics like, communications, self-advocacy, task management and problem solving.


  • Are available to attend online classes for the full duration of the program
  • Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident equivalent
  • Are proficient in English literacy and numeracy
  • Foundational ICT skills and knowledge of cyber security
  • Recommended that you have completed foundational industry credentials such as ‘SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance & Identity Fundamentals’.


  • Duration:  8 weeks
  • Delivery: Online (Instructor-led)
  • Cost:  $0 (Free!)
  • Start Date: Tuesday, 28 May, 6:00pm to 8:30pm

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