Skills-based employment for the neurodivergent

Leverage your skills to get the job you really want, using problem-solving rather than traditional interview processes.

Our process

STEP 1Register to create a profile

STEP 2Complete skills assessment and questionnaire

STEP 3Update your profile as you gain skills and experience

STEP 4Be matched with employers

STEP 5Receive post placement support

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Neurodivergent jobseekers, this is your time to shine

As experts in neurodivergent talent, Xceptional is uniquely placed to recognise your potential and to connect you with employers who will harness it.

Through our online puzzle-based skills assessment platform, specialised recruitment services, and post-placement coaching, we help you to progress in your chosen career.

World’s first neurodivergent-built skills assessment

Our puzzle-based assessments and specialised candidate questions help to reduce the ambiguity, time pressure, and communication skill requirements of a typical job application process.

Once a suitable role is found, your strengths and skills will be shared with the employer via a skills profile, to give you the highest chance of success during the application process.

No cover letters required!

Growing Staff In Growth Industries

Our employer partners are in need of your skills, and they know that neurodivergent workers are an asset to their organisation. Xceptional trains our employer partners in inclusion to ensure our candidates are understood, appreciated and respected during the recruitment process and once they have been placed in a job.

At Xceptional, we champion our candidates, helping you to find your perfect position and workplace.
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“Highly motivated and passionate about what they do, the team at Xceptional provided me with both the networking I needed to obtain my present position, as well as ongoing support to help me perform at my best.”

QLD public sector agency

“The most supportive recruitment agency I’ve ever dealt with, recognising the concerns of neurodivergent workers, and placing them with organisations who recognise our unique value. The placing is followed up with coaching of individual and organisation to ensure that the fit works both ways.”

NSW public sector agency

“Staff at Xceptional have been very supportive and clearly understand the occupational and social struggles that people on the spectrum tend to deal with.”

WorkPac Group