World’s first neurodivergent-built skills assessment

Xceptional utilises unique activity-based technology to uncover the talents of neurodivergent candidates.

Demonstrate your skills

This online platform allows people to demonstrate rather than articulate their skills — also known as pillars — which have been identified as critical in the technology and business sectors.

Benchmark your potential

The results of the assessment are provided in the form of a skills profile. This profile reports on the individual’s alignment with each of the pillars, benchmarked in the current marketplace, and mapped to best-fit roles.

These pillars include:

Skills Discovery

Our assessments are free to register and complete.

For individuals who would like a copy of their skills profile to pursue their own career, a copy can be purchased.

For organisations that would like to assess hidden talent, see our Talent services.


Image of a woman in a blue jumper sitting at a desk. She is holding a mug while looking at a laptop

It has given neurodivergent candidates the chance to show the employer their abilities in a way that CVs and cover letters don’t.

Autism NZ

The profiling tool provides additional support to our neurodiverse participants, helping to identify and carve out the right employment opportunities that are both strength based and participant lead.”


Thanks for asking me to show how my brain works rather than talking about my lack of experience.”