Tim and his Xceptional journey

Tim is one of our talented software testers. He will be featured in the ABCTV Employable Me episode Tuesday night at 8.30pm.

We first met Tim during the filming of the show. In fact, our first meeting was filmed for the episode.

Rather than interview our candidates, we instead use a series of games and activities that reduces anxiety and allows us to test specific skills that are needed for IT work.

We put Tim through several of these activities and he did such a good job. In fact, Tim got so into one of the games that he turned it around and started playing it on the person who was assessing him!

Since starting work with us he has done a fantastic job, testing various websites and web apps for our customers. He regular finds really critical bugs that would otherwise have caused major problems and lost revenue.

Tim works from home as public transport is a real challenge for him. Xceptional was set up from the start to support remote work. We use a range of tech tools to ensure Tim and others working remotely remain well connected with the rest of our team.

We have seen Tim grow and learn heaps over the past 6 months. He has come a long way and has really developed his IT skills. Several people have recently commented that he looks much more confident now he has his first job compared to a few months back.

Watch the ABC on Tuesday night at 8.30pm to find out more about Tim’s story.

If you are interested in how Xceptional can help your company please get in touch. We can assist with outsourced IT services or with placing autistic people in your tech department. Email us at info@xceptional.io