A Global Call to Action this International Day of Persons with Disabilities

As we marked the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, we reflect on a global call to action by the World Health Organisation (WHO). In 2022, WHO launched the Global Report on health equity for persons with disabilities, highlighting the experiences of more than 1.3 billion people, constituting 16% of the global population. The new theme, “United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with, and by persons with disabilities,” resonates with Xceptional’s commitment to empowering neurodivergent individuals.The report emphasises approaches and actions that nations can adopt to address the health inequities faced by persons with disabilities. This aligns with Xceptional’s ethos as we work towards providing employment pathways, not just as a professional opportunity but as a means of fostering equity and inclusivity.Drawing parallels to the global observance theme, Xceptional aligns itself with innovative and transformative solutions for inclusive development. Our Xceptional Academy stands as a testament to this commitment, upskilling neurodivergent professionals and presenting them to employers eager to embrace diversity. We recognise that disability should not be a barrier but a unique perspective that adds value to the workforce.Nurturing Talent, Fostering InclusionThe International Day of Persons with Disabilities serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in various facets of life, including employment. Xceptional, however, strives to go beyond acknowledgment by actively participating in conversations that lead to transformative change. Our daly focus extends to diverse audiences, from job-ready individuals seeking opportunities to parents and guardians navigating the journey alongside their loved ones. We engage with corporate entities, from employers seeking to diversify their workforce to HR leaders shaping inclusive policies, working to shift perspectives and shed light to the strengths-based model of which we operate.We look to make our progress in the margins, with loud voices looking to multiply the effect of improvement by leveraging educational content, programs and embedding our expertise within partnerships. Our dedication to bridging gaps, fostering inclusivity, and championing neurodiversity employment positions us as a credible authority, actively contributing to a world where diversity is not just embraced but celebrated for its inherent value.

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