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Neurodiverse Hiring Explained in 250 Words

Simply put, neurodiverse hiring is the recruitment and placement of employees with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, or/and dyspraxia made by companies who are actively looking to acquire unique employees’ skills and enable different thinking styles within their teams.

Other than the social-good, neurodiverse hiring holds tremendous business benefits and enables companies to obtain a strong competitive advantage through talent acquisition.

Neurodiverse thinkers, such as autistic people, often have unique strengths that make them the perfect candidates for tech and data roles most companies struggle to fill. Software testing, software engineering, data analysis, cyber security and accounting are the most common professions, but they’re not the only ones.

In recent years, leading companies such as Microsoft, SAP, JPMorgan Chase, and EY have adopted neurodiverse hiring as part of their talent acquisition strategy and have built successful neurodiverse teams across their organizations. Reportedly, these teams have managed to outperform their ‘neurotypical’ teams in almost every aspect including productivity, problem solving, innovation, retention and overall performance.

According to Accenture’s 2018 report, “organisations and workplaces that have improved their efforts to hire inclusively are four times more likely to have higher total shareholder returns than those organisations within their industry peer group.”

The first step a business should take in order to become a neurodiverse employer is to adjust its current recruitment practices and ensure its HR team undergoes appropriate training, as traditional hiring methods that are based on highly verbal and social interaction are bound to fail the acquisition of neurodiverse employees.

Want to become a neurodiverse employer?

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