One of the many preconceptions about neurodivergent people we challenge is how they are resistant to change. If there is anything the last 18 months has allowed us to demonstrate is that we, at Xceptional, embrace transformation – a wide-eyed openness to change, which we also aim to inspire in our partners and participants in the world of neurodivergent employment.  

Since its founding in 2017, Xceptional has steadfastly pursued our purpose to get neurodivergent people into meaningful work that transforms their lives, where they work, and the community they live in. This belief in finding, or better yet, elevating, ‘the ‘exceptional’ skills of neurodivergent people, often invisible or left un-nurtured -along with the “X” chromosome; recognised as a leading cause of autism- were the drivers to our original brand name and identity.  

Why rebrand now? We still love our name (and so do our partners!) but big changes in our organisation merit a bolder, more vibrant identity to convey this transformation in what we do and how we do it.  With the launch of Xceptional Academy, we have expanded into upskilling individuals seeking employment, from our core recruitment services, doubling up our exceptional offerings and hopefully our impact, too! 




Our Vision: To create a world where exceptional businesses and neurodivergent individuals achieve their potential together 


“There are quite a few synergies being created here”, Xceptional CEO, Kurt McLachlan, is proud to say. It may be a cliche but it is a classic case of 1+1 =3, if not more. The new logo embodies our ethos of intersectionality – that there is more than one dimension to things, in this case, to neurodivergence. You need to look beyond what you see to appreciate what neurodivergence means and can add to you or your organisation”. 

Firstly, Xceptional Academy is not just a bolt on offer but it creates a virtuous circle with our core Xceptional entity, allowing us to deliver benefits to both employers and their teams and the neurodivergent job-seekers we are connecting them with, through our industry-leading 360 Scaffolding support: a full suite of recruitment and wrap around support for both parties






Xceptional: Unlocking neurodivergent potential for exceptional workplaces 

Xceptional Academy: Uplifting neurodivergent skills for exceptional careers  

The end result is a synergistic outcome of empowerment and reassurance. “Empowerment for job-seekers through the Academy’s training programs, and reassurance for employers that they are getting employment-ready individuals”. Kurt illustrates his point further and states “Xceptional recruitment then empowers employers with diverse and inclusive organisations while jobseekers are reassured of working environments where they can thrive”.  

Secondly and even better, the X’s in our new logo more than bring to life the two entities in synergy – they illustrate the two audiences who are able to achieve their potential together. Step back or look closely (we all see things differently!), you will note that the X’s are abstract figures of people with their arms raised. These are our job-seekers and employers coming to achieve their potential together.  

Finally, with this new brand mark, Xceptional’s mission is brought to life: making neurodivergent employment visible today in order to be invisible tomorrow. The white space in the middle created by our 2 coloured X’s signifies both this visibility and invisibility.  



Image of a laptop and phone displaying a webpage for Xceptional. The hero image is a man with an orange beanie and black shirt.


From Blue and White to Orange and Grey: We are still as professional as when we started, but the transition to a vibrant orange signals the culture of openness and warmth, our desire to be inviting and uplifting with every interaction people have with us. The balance between these 2 new colours signifies the Xceptional team and the teams they create in workplaces, teams that are encouraging and nurturing, open and deeply curious, determined, smart and future-focused.  

Old and New fonts:  We have retained our professional-looking yet approachable primary font type that reflects the inclusivity and human nature-focused of our brand. This is now complemented by new fonts for a bolder feel which signifies this new energy and vitality we embody as we work towards our bigger vision of a more inclusive workplace.  



We will be proudly showing off our new branding at the pilot program of Xceptional Academy starting on December 5. Visit our social media pages and watch out for other events where you will get a chance to meet our team and see how this ‘even more xceptional’ brand is helping transform inclusivity in the workplace! 


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