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One quick thing you can do to change the future for autistic people

Everyone who works at Xceptional has a direct connection to autism: either they have autism, or they have a friend or close family member who does.

Everyone who works at Xceptional has a direct connection to autism: either they have autism, or they have a friend or close family member who does.

This lived experience is what inspires us.

Our founder, Mike, often talks about his sister Sarah. Watching her struggle with finding and keeping a job inspired him to launch this firm.

But Mike isn’t alone. In Australia, 1 in 4 people have a close family member who is autistic.

Many of them are wondering if their loved one will get a job that matches their skills and interests. Will they be forced to move from one job to the next, continually searching for that right fit?

Or, in the worst case scenario, will they remain unemployed, with the restlessness, frustration and depression which often accompany a life not being used to its potential?

An additional concern, particularly for parents of autistic people, is how their loved one will cope after they have passed away. Who will support them then? Will anyone care to fight their battles?

If this is you, or someone in your life, you can act right now to make a difference. Vote for Xceptional in the Impact Challenge to help us win $1million for our app, which helps get more people into employment.

Xceptional is a company seeking change when it comes to autistic people and employment. Xceptional believes that everyone has something to contribute to society and to the workplace, and that it’s often autistic people who have just the right skills needed.

A vote for us in the Impact Challenge will help us spread this message.

Mike’s driving force is his young son, who has additional needs and will be entering the workforce in ten years time. By 2028, we want Xceptional to become the rule, rather than the exception, because employing people with additional needs should never be a niche interest in business.

We’re working towards our goal in several ways. First, we model it. We employ autistic people, and give them excellent training to become software testers. Second, we encourage other companies to do likewise. We offer advice, training and consultations to help others become more autism-friendly in their recruitment and workplace policies.

Will you help us increase our influence by voting for us now?

Our message to companies is simple: a more diverse workplace brings myriad benefits to your output, your profits, and your work culture. A few small changes can help you to encourage diversity in who you employ.

And this message is being heard.

With the above statistic, it shouldn’t be a surprise to us that we regularly meet people working in IT companies or HR, developers, managers, and even CEOs who have autistic family members. They believe in this vision as much as we do, and the doors they are helping to open for us make our vision possible.

Xceptional has a tried-and-tested plan which really works. Please take a few seconds of your day right now to vote for us: for yourself, for those you know who are autistic or have other additional needs, and for a business culture which will be better for the change.


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