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Autism At Work – ABC Podcast

What’s it like being an autistic person in the workplace, and how can managers and colleagues help this group thrive?  How can we make the most of the unique super powers of this under-employed cohort – especially in the midst of a labour shortage.

We connect at work through humour – but for autistic people these jokes – especially sarcasm – can create some awkward scenarios. So, how can we keep the lightness, without confusing our colleagues?


Aron Mercer is one of the founding team at Xceptional, which helps neurodivergent people find employment and supports their employers. The employment agency also hires a lot of autistic people

Clem Bastow – is a Melbourne screenplay writer, critic and journalist. She’s written a book about her experience of being autistic – Late Bloomer: How an autism diagnosis changed my life

“Ellie” works in STEM and hasn’t told her employer she’s autistic


Sarah Allely, Producer


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