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Why build a platform?

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Xceptional’s custom built platform allows autistic job seekers to demonstrate their skills by completing tasks, puzzles and activities in a safe online environment.The platform was built to highlight the incredible skills of neurodiverse individuals who are often overlooked in standard recruitment processes. Here we talk about the ‘why’ behind the platform.

Why did we build a platform?

I first founded Xceptional in 2017 after decades of witnessing my sister Sarah struggle to find and keep a job. The last straw was when I witnessed Sarah lose her job for not being able to read between the lines. Sarah is a great employee. She has an incredible memory, she thinks outside the box and she follows instructions with precision and determination. She is also autistic.


The frustration with Sarah’s workplace not being able to make a small adjustment to better understand her strengths has led to the development of  the Xceptional assessment platform for neurodiverse job seekers (

This is also something that I relate to personally. As someone who thinks differently to the norm, I have had challenges with finding a job in the past.

Last time I was job-hunting, before I started Xceptional, I managed to get an interview with with one of the top employers in Sydney; they take people outside of the box; but I was told that I was outside of outside of the box!

If you are someone who is neurodivergent, who thinks differently, we hope you will find this platform useful.

It allows you to demonstrate your skills by completing tasks, puzzles and activities in a safe online environment. Open-ended questions and self promotion are replaced with opportunities to demonstrate in demand skills like attention to detail, problem solving and pattern recognition.

Through the course of design and development we have spoken to thousands of neurodiverse people and hundreds of employers. Neurodiverse people often tell us they find traditional interviews stressful and struggle to sell themselves in a competitive process.

Xceptional has been developed by a talented neurodiverse team of designers, software engineers and QA testers. It is built for the neurodiverse community with the neurodiverse community and it will soon be available for eligible autistic individuals.

For the first time ever,  individuals can access the Xceptional assessment platform and create their own custom profile for the introductory price of $99 per annum.

You can pre register today and take your first step to a meaningful career. – Register your interest here:


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