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Xceptional we have lift off

Xceptional launches a platform

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It’s a special time for our team as we count down to the release of the Xceptional assessment platform for neurodiverse job seekers (

Xceptional’s custom built platform allows job seekers to demonstrate their skills by completing tasks, puzzles and activities in a safe online environment.

Since our inception in 2017, Xceptional has continuously disrupted the Australian market with development of a range of inclusive talent solutions that highlight different styles and strengths of neurodivergent thinking. Over the years our team has demonstrated  that the strengths of neurodiverse employees, while often overlooked, are of significant value to employers, Blog here.

Technology has always been at the forefront of our mission. The platform brings together our online and offline assessments and was made possible by funding from Google.Org, Westpac, Optus, AMP, St.George Bank & the NDIS.

Building a technology platform to highlight the incredible skills of neurodiverse individuals allows for the identification of talent and skills which may not be uncovered using traditional recruitment methods.

For the first time Xceptional will offer a personalised skills profile directly to job seekers. The Xceptional platform measures in demand skills like pattern recognition, attention to detail and logic for roles in technology, finance and operations. The skills profile brings the results of each online assessment to life in the form of a personalised profile.

The Xceptional platform has been developed by a talented neurodiverse team of designers, software engineers and QA testers. It is built for the neurodiverse community with the neurodiverse community and it will soon be available for eligible individuals.

Our team has adopted an evidence based approach, drawing on academic research and best practice from around the world. We have spoken to thousands of autistic people and hundreds of employers in developing a platform that works for individuals and employers alike.

For the first time ever, individuals can access the Xceptional assessment platform and create their own custom  profile for the introductory price of $99 per annum.

You can pre register today and take your first step to a meaningful career. – Register your interest


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